Germany’s Music Scene


I am constantly scouting new talent. My searches take me to different parts of the globe and then sometimes I find the most extraordinary talent in my own back yard. In a word, talent is everywhere. As our world has gotten so much smaller through technology I find my days filled with viewing one Youtube video after another from aspiring artists.

Keep in mind there’s no discounting the part of the equation that includes the fact that there are just under 7 billion people on the planet. And by the sheer numbers, that means there are more of them expressing their artistic selves. More to choose from.

The modern music scene in Europe can often be found to be very different from that in North America. In my opinion, it can be edgier. The US, because of the melting pot it is, has garnered influences from all countries. We don’t have a singular heritage tow service leveraging our ancient culture into the 21st century. There is much diversity.

We steal from everyone. While some would argue that jazz is purely American, I would counter, pointing out the basics come from a conglomeration. A combination of many diverse, riffs and melodies that actually makes up its unique expression of North American music.

Beatles in HamburgOutside the US, the other big music markets are Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom. My first introduction to the Beatles was when they played in Hamburg in the 1960s. They were told that to make it in music, and get the necessary eyes on them, they would have to play the German clubs. I guess it worked. Paul McCartney is still drawing crowds in Munich. To this day, start-ups will cut their chops as they work their music mojo in German clubs.

Top names from the present and the past like Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Crowbar, Marathonman, Tina Turner, Micheal Jackson bolstered their careers and keep them alive by playing German venues. They gave and continue to give the people what they want and it doesn’t fail them. It’s a win win that benefits worldwide audiences. I watch the German music concert tours closely and what I discover is there is a huge amount of talent that may never make it into the competitive entertainment field.

I mentioned earlier how the US is a melding of all types and sounds of music. It’s true in similar ways for countries that use their single heritage as the foundation of their musical expression. German music and music in German and music from Germany can be widely diverse. All three can be something different and draw a different crowd. German music encompasses a variety of genres.

German classical and Alpine music may come to mind initially for some. . . But for many, as I stated before, Pop, Rock or modern music is a major part of the music scene that currently gets exported to the rest of the world. Most artist know they can get more attention with lyrics in English. Performers like Reamonn, Scorpions and Nena makes it easier to get on a Top 100 world wide playlist when they release in German and English.

Germany is not being left behind on any musical front, but Pop is the most popular genre in Germany right now. Everything from love songs, to country music, dance tunes and even Techno Rock shows up on this vast musical landscape.

Do you have a favorite German musical artist or band? Leave a comment below letting me know your best loved performers. Tell me how you discovered them and where they are playing next.