About Us


Music is known as the world’s universal language. Like the variety of people inhabiting the planet, who have massively divergent personal taste, music although universal, expresses in vastly different forms. It has by nature, its own individual and unique expression. Music resonates with the energy of the heart, but it is not a one size fits all proposition. Music is the language that speaks to everyone and it’s the language that is comprehensively individual. A conundrum when trying to define a lucid, ever flowing malleable form of artistic expression? Not really. As my Dad would say “I don’t know much about – fill in the blank – but I know what I like.” Pop pretty much summed it up.

Uprise Management is About being aware of music from all cubbies of the globe. If you are an aficionado of Mozart, and can’t stand Barry Manilow, then you have the right to saturate your life with all six hundred of Wolfgang’s pieces and never step outside that preferred genera of music. If you create your own music and happen to be the only one who appreciates it, and that is what floats your musical boat – we applaud you. Go for it, indulge. And keep creating.

We are all inclusive from Rap to rhapsody, from Hip Hop to high brow. At Uprise Mgt. we take it all in, and report on the music scene from intimate angles, and from all around the world. Who is hot, what is up and coming, who conducted who and when, to what audience, it’s endless. It’s endless because music is an expression of who we humans are. Take that expression and multiply it by billions. At Uprise Mgt. we contend that even if you don’t play or write or read music you still influence the melodious blanket that is laid over the human psyche. We are all one, whether we are the listener or the player, both are artistic contributions that are intricate to the final score.

Thank you for reading my articles, and I need to confess that I am not writing alone. My family and friends are always making my posts more interesting with their creative input. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.