4 Bands Conceived In The 60’s, Born In The 2000’s

British music

The US and the UK have spent the last six decades swapping sound and cross pollinating music to give their worldwide contemporary audiences more than we could ever ask for. Until the early 1960s, the stream was mostly a one way flow with the music of Elvis, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis and James Brown, to name a few, cruising around in Dayton Ohio limo services watering the creative talents of such pioneers as McCartney and Lennon.

But it was the sounds of the Fab Four reaching the ears of teenagers in the United States, that started an entirely new chapter in music making. It seemed as if a floodgate was opened that had been holding back the treasures of British artists from all over the United Kingdom. It may have just been the beginning, but fortunately for us, there is no end in sight.

Delving into the depths of what was once new, but now is old, take the Waterboys for an example. The plumbing has changed with no less than 56 turnovers in band members in the past 28 years, but the Scottish band continues to overfill auditoriums when playing live. Young or old, no one can forget “Fisherman’s Blues”.

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Germany’s Music Scene


I am constantly scouting new talent. My searches take me to different parts of the globe and then sometimes I find the most extraordinary talent in my own back yard. In a word, talent is everywhere. As our world has gotten so much smaller through technology I find my days filled with viewing one Youtube video after another from aspiring artists.

Keep in mind there’s no discounting the part of the equation that includes the fact that there are just under 7 billion people on the planet. And by the sheer numbers, that means there are more of them expressing their artistic selves. More to choose from.

The modern music scene in Europe can often be found to be very different from that in North America. In my opinion, it can be edgier. The US, because of the melting pot it is, has garnered influences from all countries. We don’t have a singular heritage tow service leveraging our ancient culture into the 21st century. There is much diversity.

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