World Music and Nuevo Flamenco


World music is an inevitable result of the world as we know it today. Music is the universal language that translates differences into comprehensive agreements between the artists and their listeners. It has the capability of bringing it all together under a massive roof of acceptability, appreciation and soul stirring entertainment.

I realize that this may not be anything new to the lovers of the classics. The Great Masters have had their works played in famous music halls to native, God given jungles, and everywhere in-between for eons of time. But there is a new universal definition that emerged over the last three decades that is undeniably born of the womb of the world.

Taking the deepest expressions of who we are as one extended family and using sounds from every country and every culture along with their histories makes up world music. There is a genre of music coming at us today, which as little as 10 years ago, was not on the scene.

A true blending of world music can be heard from popular artists like Jesse Cook, Robert Michaels, The Gipsy Kings. These are just three of the musicians that are bringing us eclectic yet cohesive sounds that we can’t get enough of. They are top notch in their interpretations, while taking us on a stretch limousine tour visiting the sounds and movements within cultures around the globe.

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